Yarnstorm Boot Camp: October 2012

Please note: due to unforeseen issues involving radioactive sheep and an incident with a swarm of yarn zombies this boot camp has been moved to October.

Do you have what it takes to be a five star sneaky stitcher? Do you want to learn to yarnstorm like you mean it? Do you long to go crazy with your crochet? Do you have the guts to take your garter stitch where no knitter has gone before?

Then maybe you should sign up for…



Join two of Knit the City’s most hardcore handmade heroes, dastardly Deadly Knitshade and fibre-flinging The Fastener for a weekend of woolly mischief on the wonderful Isle of Wight. You’ll arrive a humble handmaker, you’ll go home a certified Graffiti Yarnstormer or die trying (or was that tie-dying?).

When: 19 to 21 October 2012

Where: Ventor, Isle of Wight, UK (my, but it’s pretty there – more info and cheesy video here)

Who: Knitters or crocheters prepared to learn the skills of sneaky stitching. Should know the basics of their chosen craft before booking. No yarnstorming experience necessary. The less you know, the more you will learn.

How much? For costs and all other details please go to the Wightaway booking website.

Workshops: The weekend will consist of three graffiti knitting and crochet workshops and two yarnstorms. Exciting, no?

Workshop 1:  Your sneaky stitching identity – Just who do you think you are?!?! Learn how to seek out the sneaky stitcher within and bring out their woolly wild side. You’ll also learn what makes a successful yarnstorm, how to make your yarnstorm immortal and what to do if you get caught.

Workshop 2: Solo yarnstorm hatching – Create your first yarnstorm to release into the wild. Learn how to make a simple sneaky yarnstorm, how to choose a target, and tips and tricks on putting it in place.

Solo yarnstorm: Release your first yarnstorm in to the wild! All on your own. Well, except for the rest of us hanging around you giggling, taking photos and telling you to hurry up so we can go to the pub.

Tree of Tintenfisch Prep - a load of lovely squid knitters
A group of yarnstorm recruits with their stitched squid in Berlin

Workshop 3: Woolly team work – Band together with your fellow sneaky stitching recruits to plan and create a group yarnstorm you can all be horribly proud of.

Group yarnstorm: Bound together by yarn (not literally or things would be awkward) you’ll execute a group yarnstorm that Ventnor will never forget. Woo hoo!

Graffiti Yarnstorm Graduation – Those of you who survive Boot Camp will graduate at the end of the weekend. You’ll have a group picture taken with the infamous Plarchie, the giant knitted squid, and receive the coveted KTC Approved shiny new Yarnstorm Bootcamp Graduate badge, goodie bag and certificate. There will be tears. There will be pride. Some of you may get eaten by Plarchie.

What else is included:

  • Passenger ferry travel to and from the Isle of Wight via Portsmouth, Southampton or Lymington
  • Transport from ferry and locally to and from accommodation in Ventnor during stay (including brief tour of local interesting bits)
  • Shared accommodation at Ocean View Cottage or Pine Point B&B, which is also our Yarnstorm Educational Academy HQ (YEA). (A supplement can be paid if you want a room to yourself)
  • All meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch, including a Yarnstormers Last Supper at one of the oldest pubs on the island (see Booking Website for more meal details)
  • A personal shopping evening (to include mega-stocked local haberdashery)
  • All basic materials – yarn, needles, felt, buttons, stuffing etc etc  will be provided. Please do bring any projects you are already working on or anything exotic you may like to use.
  • Access to the extensive crafty library and sample stash at YEA (including classic toys made by maestro knitter Alan Dart – Wombles, Clangers, Wallace & Gromit et al) for reference throughout the weekend.

For details, price and how to book click here go to the Yarnstorm Bookcamp Page at Wightaway.com


Yarnstorm Bootcamp FAQs

Plarchie in Berlin - Statue 2 and tentacle
Plarchie looks forward to eating… we mean meeting, you!

I have questions about the venue, costs, booking and accommodation. You’ll need to contact Wightaway over on the Booking Website for all questions about the Weekend. They’re running all that. We’re just there to teach you.

I don’t know how to knit but I can crochet. Is that ok? It is! Our bootcamp is open to both knitters and crocheters. Yay!

I’ve never yarnstormed before. Can I still come? Of course. This bootcamp is best for beginners. The less you know, the more you can learn.

I’ve been yarnstorming before and just want a bit of a holiday with other yarnstormers. Is that ok? Much as we’d love to have you this is a workshop for beginners and if you know it already you’ll probably be a bit bored. We suggest you let the real learners sign up this time. We’re pondering future getaways for more expert yarnstormers in future so watch this space.

Do I need to bring anything? All materials will be provided. But if you have anything you’d like to use (yarn, buttons, crafty bits, labels, safety eyes, cat hair, magic crochet hooks you bought from a mysterious stranger in Istanbul) then do bring it. Also bring your camera! You’re going to want to take pictures.

I can’t make this one! *cries* Will there be another one? There, there. We’re planning on a few in future so keep an eye on our newsletter for more info.

You can comment here to tell us you’d want more workshops if you really want to up our sense of urgency.

 If I come to the Bootcamp does that mean I’m a member of Knit the City? Ah, young sneaky stitching Jedi, if only it were that easy. One weekend of yarnstorming does not a KTC member make. We’re a small band of yarnstormers and we’re keeping it that way for the time being.

Graduating from KTC Bootcamp does, however, mean you’re a KTC-trained yarnstormer. We encourage you to go out into the world and create woolly chaos of your own. We’ll even link to you on our links page (once it’s up) and if you ask Deadly Knitshade nicely she’ll make you a ‘KTC Bootcamp Survivor’ website badge for your website to wear with pride.

I’m a boy! Can I still come? Yes. Yarnstorming has no boundaries. So there.

Will Plarchie eat me in the course of the weekend? Probably. Sorry about that. No refunds for eaten people.

Why don’t you call them yarnbombs and yarnboming? We’re not really into violence. See more on why here. But you’re free to call it yarnbomb, yarn graffiti, guerrilla knitting, graffiti yarnbombing, fibre art, graffiti craft, or  Bob. Up to you.

[Lovely Ventnor image from Daniel2005 on Flickr]

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