What are the underlying subversive, feminist and political aims behind your woolly street art?

A giant squid on a the father of modern biology! There must be a catch!

Desperate for us to be waving woolly protest banners, setting yarny bras on fire and shoving little old knitting ladies face-first into a vat of hot stitched subversion? Frustrated to see we’re not battling society’s horrors by knitting jumpers for homeless baby penguins with tuberculosis? What’s the point of what we do, dammit?! And why isn’t it more, well, serious and depressing?

Many folks hound us for a gritty underside to our kooky little knits. We’d like to leave them wondering, but they keep asking. So we’ll keep it simple.

Our squishy street art does many things. It takes a woolly hold on forgotten public spaces and gives them soul. It treats the whole world as an art gallery. It encourages others to bring their own city to life in ways only they can imagine.

After all a city without citizens is just an empty shell of a place with no life at all.

Unleashing our handmade art on the world, makes us (and others) happy and brings something to life that wasn’t there before. Put an 8-metre giant knitted squid on a statue of the father of modern biology, or a giant cosy on a phonebox under the paranoid gaze of CCTV, and see how it makes you feel. Go on. We’ll wait here… See?

There’s a bubbling love of being alive behind our street art. Stony-faced and outraged art has its place, but life is also beautiful, enchanting, heart-squeezingly graceful and all kinds of weird. Consider it a stitched shove that whispers “Wake up! The world is a mad and marvellous place and we all get to live in it.”

Yes, we are women who are very passionate about our beliefs. Like all artists, we have strong opinions and grand ideas in the tangles of our brains. But we’re not screaming them through our stitching. Our street art doesn’t work like that. And where would the fun be if it did?

Change, and making the world a better place, can be done with a grin instead of a grimace, a whisper instead of a bellow. Our art, whether you like it or not, changes the way people look at their world and it gets people talking. How it changes your world it is up to you.

That’s really our point. You shouldn’t need to be told what to see in our sneaky stitching. It’s your mind and you see the world like no one else does. So what do you see?

Start thinking. We’ll keep on knitting.


““Be yourself. No one can say you’re doing it wrong.”
Snoopy (Charles M. Schulz)


  1. What a refreshing post, thank you for the reminder that fun and fabulousness are as important as the serious issues of life!

  2. Hurrah! Sometimes I get rather tired of political tirades and folk who take everything just a little too seriously and want to cram their personal opinions down my throat. Thank you for this manifesto of adding a little brightness to the world. There is great value in making someone smile.

  3. I love your approach – with all the crazy stuff we hear in the news -a little color is needed – congrats!!