“Yarnstorming: the art of enhancing a public place or object with graffiti knitting or crochet (and running away giggling)”


Our woolly Phonebox Cosy in CCTV-rife Parliament Square

Knit the City make street art. But not as you know it. We are a band of sneaky stitching graffiti knitting and crochet artists. We have an ongoing mission to guerilla knit the city of London, and beyond that the planet, and bring the art of the sneaky stitch to a world without wool.

No part of the city is safe from Knit the City’s woolly war on the mundane, humdrum and expected.

Each of the Yarn Corps‘ individuals have their own reasons for their knitty crimes but our mission remains the same: to yarnstorm until we can yarnstorm no more or until the needles and hooks are pried from our cold dead hands.

So what the devil is this ‘yarnstorming’? Graffiti knitting or ‘yarnstorming’ (or ‘yarn bombing‘ with a nod to our guerilla knitting cousins across the pond) is the art of conjuring up a piece of knitting or crochet, taking out out in the world, releasing it into the wild, and running away giggling like a mad thing.

It is a street art that harks back to woolly stereotype of grandmas, itchy jumpers, ill-fitting socks and nice cups of tea by the fire, takes it by the blue rinse and drags it kicking and screaming into the street to blanket a bollard in beasts, swathe a signpost with stitched silliness, or cover a corner in wild woolly creatures. (You understand we’re dragging the stereotype and not the granny. We heart grannies. They taught some of us to knit. All hail the grannies.).

We don’t just ‘put knitting on things’. We use our fibre art to tell ‘stitched stories’, employing our sticks and string to tell a tale. An idea we’re proud to see has been taken up by sneaky stitchers worldwide.

We have needles. We have hooks. We have stitched stories to tell.
Run for the hills.
There’s a yarnstorm coming…

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”
Dr. Seuss


  1. Love this! What a neat idea.

    • Thanks. 🙂

      Feel free to yarnstorm your own neighbourhood. Go on.

  2. Hi! Wonderfull idea!
    I’m from Munich and I’m seriously thinking about knit this city, too 😀


  3. Hi, im doing an art project at school and it involves urben knitting

  4. Was in Buffalo, NY the other day and (as a novice knitter) was delighted to see some yarnbombing on the streets!!! It was just a shame there was no tag, so I don’t know which group or individual did it!

    • Yay for yarnstorming in Buffalo! Hope it lasted. 🙂