1. Love this! What a neat idea.

    • Thanks. :)

      Feel free to yarnstorm your own neighbourhood. Go on.

  2. Hi! Wonderfull idea!
    I’m from Munich and I’m seriously thinking about knit this city, too 😀


  3. Hi, im doing an art project at school and it involves urben knitting

  4. Was in Buffalo, NY the other day and (as a novice knitter) was delighted to see some yarnbombing on the streets!!! It was just a shame there was no tag, so I don’t know which group or individual did it!

  5. I uh, would not recommend you do that. Knit some flowers to put on the grave? ps. KTC, I’m writing an article on you for my school newspaper.

  6. We wouldn’t do it either. Bit of an odd thing to do…

    Yay! Do we get to see your school paper article when it’s written?