The Fastener

The Story

Banished to faraway shores for undisclosed crimes, this crafty lass spent her time in exile forced to create wonders using only found objects and mysterious purchases from the local yen stores.

On opening a mysterious box of fastenings in a dimly lit back-alley shop, The Fastener was transformed as the contents: zips, buttons and embellishments, flew from the cursed container and stuck to her skin.

On returning home she continued her quest to clear her conscience using her lightning-fast knitting powers to spread woolly joy where ever she roams.

You may occasionally spy the hint of a button in the iris of her eyes. It’s kind of odd but you get used to it.


The Method

A true stitch sage, The Fastener is the crafty smarts behind Knit the City. There is nothing she can’t conjure when she gets to creating. She can wrangle both hook and needles like a master, and is the fastest glue gun in the West.

She possesses an eerie knowledge of all things crafty, rocks her sewing machine like a fender stratocaster, and has a frightening arsenal of scissors for every eventuality. If the zombie apocalypse comes there’ll be a perfect pair of scissors for zombie killing and they’ll be in her hand

She also owns more buttons than is healthy. It’s a bit worrying.



Starting out with some awesome solo yarnstorming, The Fastener so impressed the Yarn Corps with her sneaky stitching skills that she was invited to join the collective in October 2009. The only non-original member to be invited so far.

Complex Craft Compendium: The Fastener is responsible for some of Knit the City’s most complex work, notably the bridge construction for the John Smedley Yarnstorm, and the light-up Skeleton for Halloween. Known for thinking way outside the woolly box when it comes to creating her creatures, she’s been known to use whatever it takes to get her street art to stand up and get noticed. She takes a glue gun burn without a flinch.


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