Shorn-a the Dead

A mutant hybrid of woolly Wales and New Zealand, land of the ovine zombies, Shorn-a was high on sheep dip one clear winter’s night when Nelson’s Column visited her in a dream and told her it was a bit chilly.

Ever since that moment, she has been on a quest to clothe London’s public statuary, one legwarmer at a time. Her weapon of choice is a tasty possum-merino blend. She is something of an expert at celebrity stitching and can clone anyone in yarn.

Yarn Corps Historian: An original member of KTC, Shorn-a is a hopeless handmade romantic, the cautious conscience of the sneaky stitching crew, and a mastermind of London’s secret stories. She is prey to a deep-seated fear of moths and believes she will one day meet her end to their beat of their dusty wings.