Curiosity killed the yarnstormed cat. It was nothing to do with the fact we covered it in yarn. Oh no.

You have questions? We have some answers.

Answers for everyone

When is your next yarnstorm?

If we told you we'd have to kill you. And we like your face. So let's just let this one drop.

Why 'yarnstorming' and not 'yarnbombing'?

Knit the City ‘yarnstorm’ rather than ‘yarnbomb’.

Being of a gentler disposition the Yarn Corps feel a bit sheepish about being labelled as dastardly yarn terrorists. We live in a city where ‘bomb’ is possibly not the best word to bandy about, even if it is woolly. We're not blowing things up. We're creating a bit of handmade chaos. See how pretty it is. *gazes into horizon looking misty-eyed*

Deadly Knitshade invented the term 'yarnstorming' for a piece filmed by BBC Breakfast News in June 2009. It stuck and has been used as a fluffier alternative worldwide. Hey, it's on Wikipedia. So it must be true.

Can I join you? How do you recruit the Yarn Corps?

Becoming an Yarn Corps agent of the Knit the City and gaining access to the secret wool-lined Yarn Corps bunker requires quite frankly scary levels of yarnstorming obsession, and undefinable knitting graffiti superpowers.

The trial of woolly fire involves rituals. Rituals that the existing agents would rather hang themselves on their own chain stitch noose than disclose. If you are Knit the City Yarn Corps material we will find you. You may wish that we hadn't.

We do, however, encourage fledgling yarnstormers to shove a link to their yarnstorming blog at us. We'll shine it up real nice and tweet the heck out it on Twitter. Share the woolly love, fiendish fibre-flinging friends!

Want to help create a yarnstorm?

We occasionally recruit people to help us create the simpler elements of our yarnstorms. Fancy lending a hand? Contact us and let us know.

Why are you wasting your yarn on this when you could be knitting to keep homeless people warm, feed hungry children in Africa and save small monkeys from imploding?

If you're very concerned about this and are asking this question while glaring angrily at the screen, with your finger poised judgementally over the exclamation key, then you can read our answer here. You probably won't like it. But we think you're lovely just the way you are. *hugs*

What are the underlying subversive, feminist and political aims behind your woolly street art?

So many people have asked us this question that the answer now has its own page. Go forth, read, and wonder no more. Or possibly wonder even more.

What happens to your yarnstorms after you install them?

Sticky fingered people steal them. Yes really. And we don't mind.

Once a knit is released into the wild it's free to roam. Every KTC item has a label on it that says "Confess your theft at"

You can confess here if you nicked one. We'd love to hear from you, and we promise not to send the mangy woolly street dogs round to get it back.

I stole one of your yarnstorms! Now what do I do!?!

For goodness sake pull yourself together! *slaps with knitted haddock*

It's yours! Keep it! It's our gift to you. Do with it what you will.

But we'd love to know where it ended up, so feel free to confess your theft on our Confess Your Theft page.

Your photos are splendiferous! Can I buy prints of them?

Soon, my friend, soon. Knit the City prints, postcards and exclusive stuff will be on sale at Whodunnknit's online shop very soon. Exciting, eh?

If you want to use the images for something please see the Images question below.

Who makes all your lovely short films?

Alt Artist. A documentary team who have been stalking us since 2009. They rock.


I want to hire you! Will you yarnstorm for me?

Maybe. Maybe not. Knit the City are happy to consider commission work. We've made crafty street art for some rather fabulous folks in the past. If we like you and your idea it could be the start of a beautiful yarn-covered friendship.

Check out our Commissions page for more info, and answers to many questions you might have.




Will you do a commission/workshop for free/wool/cake/the good of all mankind?

Sometimes. Though we do some charity work (and have done lots in the past) and our street art is free for all, we also earn a living from our woolly and crafty art. We create custom one-off handmade designs for folks. It takes a long time and lots of hard work (both mental and physical) to create what we do. So working for free isn't something we will do at the drop of a hat, handmade or otherwise.

Unless there's some kind of immortality involved. Or monkeys. Can we all get monkeys?

Answers about using our images

I heart your graffiti knitting images! Can I use them for my article/advert/website/t-shirt/wedding invitation/facial tattoo?

Very nice of you to say. Thanks!

We do get a whole lot of requests from all kinds of people to use our images, in all sorts of places (the Phonebox Cosy image is particularly popular). 

For image use enquiries please contact Deadly Knitshade with details below and we'll see what we can do.

1. Will images be used in print or online?
2. How many images are required and what size?
3. Name of the publications and in what context image(s) will be used?
4. What budget do you have for hi-res images?

Using images to write about us

All images from Knit the City are taken by Deadly Knitshade and the copyright is owned by her. If you want to use our images for articles written about Knit the City and graffiti knitting in general please ask. You'll need to say exactly what it's for. We usually say yes but please ask first.

Using images for other stuff

Other uses of Knit the City images are considered on a case by case basis. If we agree for the images to be used we'll send along rates (if applicable) and an image permission contract. 

For more complicated image contracts (for use in books etc), you will be passed onto our agent for further discussion.

Important: Any images used, either hi-res or low-res, must be credited with a copyright © Knit the City and, if it's online, with a link. That's our handmade hardwork there, so while we appreciate the love, it's only fair that people know it's our work. Please do ask before using them.

Answers for press/publicity

I'm a journalist/filmmaker/publicity hound writing/filming (insert publication/project here). Can I write about/film you and your woolly madness?

We're very happy to chat to the folks of the press, and we don't mind answering questions at all. In fact you can't shut us up about it sometimes.

However, we are very busy yarnstorming bunnies, and all that stitching means we don't always have much time. But if we can fit you in, we'll do telephone interviews, answer emails, or even meet you in real life if the offer of cake is good enough.

We may also let you use photos of our previous yarnstorms to go along with our words. We have some very lovely hi-res ones that look ever so shiny on printed paper.

One thing: We're unlikely to knit just because you ask us to. Unless you can think of an astoundingly good reason.

We try to avoid being the dancing monkeys of knitting graffiti. A yarnstorm takes weeks to prepare and plan, and it's how we make our living. Those stitches don't knit themselves, you know. So we very rarely yarnstorm on demand for the sake of a good story and, to be honest, it wouldn't be the same if we did.

If you do want to come along on a yarnstorm with your notepad and camera then you can contact us to ask. Sometimes we might say yes. Sometimes we might not be able to accommodate you. But if it's a no we have plenty of material you can use from our past sneaky stitching.


Answers for students

I'm a student studying (insert degree here). Can I bombard you with probing yet insightful questions for my dissertation?

We don't mind helping out students, but we're busy yarnstorming bees. So if you want us to lavish some of our spare time on helping you win the favour of academia, then there are a few things that will help:

  1. Do your research. Addressing us as 'Dear Sirs' probably isn't the best start. Our website has loads of info. Go forth and hunt down the good stuff.
  2. Be polite about it. When you first contact us, please don't send us your eight million questions right away. Ask us if we have time to fit you in. If we do we're happy to help. If we don't it'll save all that typing.
  3. Learn real live journalism by taking notes. After answering many, many, many questions by email we've got finger cramps. So we're hanging up the keyboard, but we're happy to send you a phone number for a telephone interview instead or Skype you. You can even send us the questions in advance. Less typing for us, more note scribbling for you. You'll feel just like Clark Kent and we're much more likely to be able to fit helping you in.

Answers for workshops and talks

Do you do talks or run graffiti knitting workshops?

Hell yes we do!

We've run graffiti workshops at London's Natural History Museum, Tate Britain and for the Camden Crawl. We also ran the UK's first ever Graffiti Knitting Bootcamp on the Isle of Wight.

Deadly Knitshade has done talks all over the UK and abroad. Previous talks have included:

  • Knit the City's history
  • Motivational speaking (or "How I became a graffiti knitter to avoid an untimely death")
  • How to make your own street art (it's not all about the knitting)
  • The mysterious world of using social media to make your creations immortal
  • How to survive life with a hungry giant knitted squid living in your house
  • Tales of why Knit the City get away with sneaky stitching in some of the cheekiest places ever

Tell us what you'd like and we'll see what we can fit in.

Answers to the two questions people keep on asking

Can I go on a date with Plarchie the Giant Knitted Squid? He's awfully dreamy.

Plarchie will eat you if you do. Is that really how you want to go? If yes please seek help.

Will you knit another Phonebox Cosy?

No. No we won't.

Oh go on. We loved the first one!

*stony silence*


You have ten seconds to get off our property before we release the knitted hounds with knitted killer bees in their mouths. Run.

Don't go! I still haven't got an answer!

Still curious?

If none of these answers have sated your curiosity then you can always Email us.

It might take a while to get back to you. We're usually trapped under a huge pile of yarn twitching. But it's worth a go.


  1. thank you muchly!! i’m off sick at the moment so way too much time on my hands x

  2. Any chance of knowing when might be your next hit? just in general terms…
    love Bx

  3. Hi Girls…..saw you on This Morning….FABULOUs…I absolutely love what you do…you have inspired me to learn how to knit…everything you do is right up my street!!…such girly things..!!!…I really love the Alice in Wonderland stuff..,,,,Lauren, would you please let me know where you got the fab t shirt you wore on This Morning…with the girl picture on it..long sleeved….I want one..!!!..keep knitting…LOVE IT LOVE IT….thanks..xx

    • Hi Tracy. Thanks for your lovely words. Good luck with the knitting!

      The t-shirt was from Zara with a long-sleeved stripy t-shirt underneath. My fave combo. 🙂

  4. Just reading the website is high entertainment. Brilliant and inspiring. I’ll be back often!

  5. A friend of mine just gave me your book, and it’s fantastic! Thanks for putting a big smile on my face. 🙂 Great website too! I’m only a beginner knitter, but when I get last making more holes than anything else, I plan to join in, in a small way. Keep up the good fun!

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