1. thank you muchly!! i’m off sick at the moment so way too much time on my hands x

  2. Any chance of knowing when might be your next hit? just in general terms…
    love Bx

  3. Hi Girls…..saw you on This Morning….FABULOUs…I absolutely love what you do…you have inspired me to learn how to knit…everything you do is right up my street!!…such girly things..!!!…I really love the Alice in Wonderland stuff..,,,,Lauren, would you please let me know where you got the fab t shirt you wore on This Morning…with the girl picture on it..long sleeved….I want one..!!!..keep knitting…LOVE IT LOVE IT….thanks..xx

    • Hi Tracy. Thanks for your lovely words. Good luck with the knitting!

      The t-shirt was from Zara with a long-sleeved stripy t-shirt underneath. My fave combo. :)

  4. Just reading the website is high entertainment. Brilliant and inspiring. I’ll be back often!

  5. A friend of mine just gave me your book, and it’s fantastic! Thanks for putting a big smile on my face. :-) Great website too! I’m only a beginner knitter, but when I get last making more holes than anything else, I plan to join in, in a small way. Keep up the good fun!

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