Lady Loop

Tired of a life of corsets, croquet and gaudy high society, Lady Loop fled the confines of the English gentry by thumbing her way down the M1 with a lorry driver named Jonny.

Once in London town she got hooked on yarn in the capital’s gritty underground knitting bars. She now feeds her habit hitchhiking back to the English countryside and siphoning wool from the rare-breed sheep of private estates.

By day she spins the filched fleece into beautiful yarns, by night she knits it up and roams the streets looking for places to show off her ill-gotten knitted wares.

Yarn Corps Craft Intelligence: A member of KTC since the group’s first outing, Lady Loop is a Jane of All Crafts. Often yarnstorming in shades, she adds an unintentional air of rockstar glamour to the sneaky stitching crew. She possesses an almost production-line craft prowess and can churn out a frightening amount of sneaky stitching pieces in one sitting, and has her crafty fingers firmly on the pulse of what’s hip in handmade.

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