Confess Your Theft

So, you took something from us did you? DID YOU? Yeah, don’t try to deny it. It’s written all over your face. CONFESS!

Actually here at the woolly wonder that is Knit the City, we encourage folks to steal our graffiti. Once we release it into the wild it’s all yours. No, really. It’s yours. Take it. WE SAID TAKE IT!


All we ask is that if you find yourself running away giggling with glee after tearing a piece of our hard work from its chosen target, then you at least owe us a confession.

Tell us

What you took:

Where you found it:

Where it lives now:

If you fess up then we won’t send round the giant knitted squid to eat you and your loved ones.

So, spill it! The comments below are awaiting your confession…

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