Oi! Who’s that putting knitting where it clearly should not go?!?!

Knit the City

Operating from a secret underground wool-lined bunker in the heart of the busy metropolis of London, Knit the City are a duo of crafty street artists, Deadly Knitshade and The Fastener, who spend most of their lives operating under assumed names and leading a seemingly humdrum existence in the city.

You would never know they lead secret double lives as sneaky stitchers should you pass them on the street. You could sit next to one of them on the tube, spill your pint on one of them in a crowded bar, or inadvertently ‘pavement dance’ with them on busy Tottenham Court Road. They have yarn, they have needles, and they are not afraid to combine them to create crafty chaos.

deadly knitshade

Deadly Knitshade

Crafty Chronicler and Sneaky Stitch Pioneer

Deadly Knitshade founded Knit the City in February 2009 and has been documenting the group’s yarnstorming story, as well as her own, through her camera-wielding and word weaving ever since.

She is known for her wild ideas, her ‘will do it or will die trying’ attitude, her 4am panic-stitching, her pangs of crushing guilt at abandoning her handmade creatures, and her plans to one day take over the world with an army of stitched squid.


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The Fastener

The Fastener

Craft Guru and Stitch Sage

Starting out with some awesome solo yarnstorming, The Fastener so impressed the Yarn Corps with her sneaky stitching skills that she was invited to join the collective in October 2009.

A true stitch sage, she is known to wrangle both hook and needles like a master, and is the fastest glue gun in the West. She possesses an eerie wisdom on all things crafty and knows everything there is to know about everything about craft. She also owns more buttons than is healthy. It’s a bit worrying.

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February 2009: Knit the City begin sneaky stitching in London. Becoming the first UK graffiti knitting collective to abandon their crafty art in public and running away giggling.

handmade_herd_knitJune 2009: Knit the City use the term ‘yarnstorming’ as a squishy, more creative and less in your face alternative to the popular ‘yarnbombing. It is used by the BBC on National News during an article on the phenomenon for World Wide Knit in Public Day.

July 2009: Knit the City are the first graffiti knitting collective begin to create ‘stitched stories’ on the streets. A move, conjured by their fearless fibre-flinging founder Deadly Knitshade, away from the ‘socks on things’ method of yarn graffiti. They create amigurumi creatures and characters for their street art installations which tell a tale or show a theme.

August 2009: Knit the City are the first graffiti knitting collective to ‘live tweet’ a yarnstorm on Twitter. They upload images in real time to the @knitthecity Twitter account during their six-hour Oranges and Lemons Odyssey to update followers worldwide.

November 2009: Knit the City invent Post It Notes and cure the problem of world hunger*.

April 2011: The Knit the City book is released in Germany. A giant knitted squid attends the launch. Several members of the press are eaten.

September 2011: The Knit the City book is released in the UK. The same giant knitted squid attends the launch. Several party-goers are eaten.

*This is a lie. The rest is true.




Rumour has it Knit the City were brought together in early 2009, when a giant, damp and horribly tangled yarn monster rose from the depths of the Thames, and attempted to smash his way around the city in search of good cake and total destruction.

Each of the Yarn Corps individually battled the woolly chaos, until they discovered that their combined crafting powers were the only way to defeat it.

From that day forth they turned their needles, hooks and yarn to sneaky stitching as a collective whenever the city needed them. And sometimes just for the hell of it.







Two members of the original Yarn Corps are still active yarnstormers today, and could strike anywhere with their handmade mischief. Two other members are less active yarnstormers and join the ranks seemingly at random. One member is mysteriously missing in action. Foul play has not been ruled out.

Information on the Yarn Corps is sketchy at best but what little information is known has been gathered here.

Click each image to find out more about your friendly neighbourhood graffiti knitting street artists.

Occasional Yarn Corps Members:

shorn-a the dead lady loop knitting ninja
Shorn-a the Dead Lady Loop Knitting Ninja



Please note: The identities of the Yarn Corps are classified to protect their quest for world yarnstorming domination. Suspecting any resemblance to any person, living or dead, will possibly mean you are set upon down a dark alleyway with knitted clubs and chloroform, and wake up with part of your memory ‘re-knitted’.


  1. loving the site and am setting myself up for my own little spot of knit-bomb stylie, cant wait… keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Love your work girls. Keep it up the good work. Bomb the city, or is there a different term in theYarnCorps scene..?

    • Thanks. 🙂

      We call is Yarnstorming. Bit less scary than all the bombing shenanigans. See here for a better explanation.

  3. well done girls! i saw a feature on KTC last night on the swiss tv news, its brilliant! i wish i was in london to nick one of your knits, they are so adorable and malicious!
    take it easy,