Woolly Owools: Knit the City yarnstorms Ted Baker

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Owls. They’re wise and wondrous. Wouldn’t they be fantabulous in wool?

Of course they would! Whooooo wouldn’t love a huggable handmade owl appearing out in the wilds? Knit the City teamed up with the lovely folks at Ted Baker to make a little bit of woolly magic to celebrate the opening of their brand new Leeds store. A parliament of purly owls hit the city. Woo hoooooooot!

You can find the Owools all this weekend (November 2nd and 3rd) at Leeds’ Victoria Quarter shopping centre with the help of Ted Baker’s interactive map on their website and you could bag yourself a shiny prize for tracking down each handmade hooting fibre feathered fellow.

Knit the City - Ted Baker Owl 5

Whoooooooo are you? An owool rests on the stairs before fluttering off to hide

Knit the City - Ted Baker Owl 4

Owl above: Owl 1 perches precariously

Knit the City - Ted Baker owl 4 (1)

Hipster hooter: Owool 2 hangs above an entrance

Knit the City - Ted Baker Owl 3

Handmade and moustached: Owool 3 rocks a fine tasche

Knit the City - Ted Baker Owl 2

Owool 4 finds a nest in the warm


And if that wasn’t enough Owool action for you there are also 10 mini owools scattered around too. They’re everywhere!

Knit the City - Ted Baker mini Owls

The mini owools prepare for the big day with some synchronised rug swimming

Knit the City - Ted Baker mini Owl 5

Hammock of lovely luxury for mini owool 1

Knit the City - Ted Baker mini Owl 4

Mini owool 2 thinks that looks fabulous on you, darling

Knit the City - Ted Baker mini Owl 2

Mini owool 3 has just had a genius idea

Knit the City - Ted Baker mini Owl 1

Mini owool 4 has had too much pumpkin juice. Sigh.

  We also conjured a pile of striped woolly scarves for the chilly owl statues of Leeds too. So keep an owl eye out for them. After all a cosy owl is a happy owl.

Knit the City - Ted Baker scarves and labels

GO! Seek out our sneakily stitched owls! And let us know if you find them. We miss them already.

 Woolly Owools was yarnstormed by Knit the City’s Deadly Knitshade and The Fastener at the Ted Baker store and the Victoria Quarter shopping centre in Leeds.

Huge thanks to the folks at Ted for letting us loose with our owls (especially the lovely Laura) and to Paul Wright for his video skills and for helping carry the ladder!

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