Blooming Brixton: yarnstorming South London

Posted by on Apr 5, 2013 in Deadly Knitshade, London, Permission to Yarnstorm, The Fastener, Yarnstorms | 29 comments


  1. Really loved what you have done in Brixton – how do you afford all the wool?

  2. Wonderful ladies. I only hope we can come somewhere near your standard when we attempt our Yarn Storm in July

  3. Fantastically, positive and happy bringing idea. Come to Edinburgh and do it!

  4. Brilliant, wonderful, fabulous! Well done.

  5. Lovely, lovely and more lovely……strength to your needles!

    • Awww shucks. Thank you! We need a bit of a boost after all that knitting!

  6. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It’s a shame your spring has been so stealthy… I missed it although I live in Brixton, but hé, that’s how it works… The good thing is: you attracted the real sun! Even if it’s only for two days, it’s already a lot :) :) :) THANKS

    • Thank you! So pleased you like it. Sorry you missed it though. It didn’t last long before it was all given away. Lucky for us the real sun was paying attention! Enjoy the warmer weather. :)

  7. Love it. Those bees look great with their tiny bowler hats. I love the idea of flowers on the bollards – all bollards should look like that! :)

  8. I absolutely adore the snails!

    • Why thank you! I think they’d rather like you too. If they weren’t so busy sweeping.

  9. How utterly fantastic- what a brilliant way to make people smile! I particularly like Blue Steel-ing Egglentine and the very dapper bees. x

    • Thanks so much. Egglintine appreciates the kudos. She worked very hard on that look. :)

  10. Excellent job! I love the happy bollard flowers. Love, Susie xxx

    • Thanks so much, Susie! You’ve been all over the news this week with your marathon running. You rock! xx

  11. Wow! You guys totally rock!

  12. This is simply awesome…I’ve not even seen the actual thing and it’s brightened up this dreary morning. A big huge thanx to you all from a cheered up Brixton resident.

    • Awwww. Thanks so much for getting in touch. We love Brixton to bits! x

  13. extraordinaire j’en rêve et je vais me permettre d’en faire dans ma région c’est une idée de génie

  14. I’ve only just seen this.. how wonderful…I live in France and wonder if the French would ‘get it’. Might try it out on one of the bridges over the Dordogne. I am sure you brought a lot of smiles to everyone who saw it. Well done… hard work rewarded.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m sure the French would. You folks have amazing street art!

  15. Love what you do. I am looking at yarnbombing as part of my A level in textiles. Would you mind if I used your group as an example and one of the photos from Brixton to show as an example of what you do?

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