A knitted Monster is released in London

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Knit the City have been quite quiet of late as we’ve been plotting some epic woolly mischief. That’s not to say we’re not busy graffiti knitting trouble elsewhere.

In fact you can see a bit of not-so-sneaky knitted art from KTC’s Deadly Knitshade smack bang in the middle of London right now.

Dial M for Monster out in the London wild

Dial M for Monster out in the London wild

Dial M for Monster (known to his friends as Muncher) is Deadly Knitshade’s part of the BT ArtBox project. 84 artists have been commissioned to create a customised K6 red telephone box to celebrate 25 years of the NSPCC’s Childline Charity.

From now until July 16th you can see the handmade ‘Dial M for Monster’ on the Trafalgar Square Roundabout, along with a mini version of Big Ben by Mandii Pope. And you can hunt down the rest of them by checking out the map on the BT ArtBox website.

Please look after this monster

Deadly K is hoping that London will take good care of Muncher, as he’s due to be auctioned to raise money for the charity at the end of the project. So far he has survived the rain and the latest England football match celebrations.

Find out more about Muncher over at Whodunnknit, and see the BT ArtBox Dial M for Monster page for more information.

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