Learn to yarnstorm at Knit the City’s Yarnstorm Bootcamp

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Please note: due to unforeseen issues involving radioactive sheep and an incident with a swarm of yarn zombies this boot camp has been moved to October.

Do you have what it takes to be a five star sneaky stitcher? Do you want to learn to yarnstorm like you mean it? Do you long to go crazy with your crochet? Do you have the guts to take your garter stitch where no knitter has gone before?


For the first time ever you can join two of Knit the City’s most hardcore handmade heroes, dastardly Deadly Knitshade and fibre-flinging The Fastener for a weekend of woolly mischief on the wonderful Isle of Wight.

You’ll arrive a humble handmaker, you’ll go home a certified Graffiti Yarnstormer or die trying (or was that tie-dying?).

Plarchie in Berlin - Plarchie, Statue 3 and mini Susanne

Plarchie can’t wait to eat… we mean meet you!

Places are open to both knitters and crocheters who already know how to stitch but wish to learn the way of the yarnstorm.

The Yarnstorm Bootcamp will take place from October 19 to 21 2012 and there’s a ton of lovely stuff included. It ends with a graduation ceremony, where you get an official group photo, a certificate, a shiny graduate badge, and the chance to have your picture taken with Plarchie, the giant knitted squid (who may or may not decide to eat you for lunch).

The venue is ever so lovely too. Sea, sand, sneaky stitching and possible sunshine in one of the UK’s prettiest places! What more can a fledging yarnstormer ask for?

Tree of Tintenfisch - on the banks of the Spree

The Tree of Tintenfisch created by Yarnstorm Recruits in Berlin

For more info and to book rush wildly over to the Yarnstorm Bootcamp page to find out more. Places are very limited so get going!

See you there!

PS More Knit the City yarnstorms coming very soon. This is our first workshop so please forgive the advert. We thought you’d like to know.


  1. I have gathered a group of Merry Yarnsters in Ventura California and we are working on our first yarnstorm to be installed March 1. Inspired by your sneaky stitching in London we have taken yarn & needles in hand to make our seaside town a bit cozier. The Yarnstorm Bootcamp sounds like a lot of fun but alas is too far for me to travel! Looking forward to more postings!!

    • That’s fantabulous ladies. I hope you have suitably mysterious yarnstorming names. Best of luck. May the yarnstorm be with you!