Berlin: Bobbing Bear-lin Luftballons – the Movie

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Bobbing Bearlin Luftballons – balloon Bären up close

In these dark and dismal times of civil unrest, crashing stockmarkets and tins of baked beans that cost an arm and a leg, the world really is in need of a bit of handmade magic. Back in March we travelled all the way to Berlin to release some of our woolly mischief overseas.

Pariser Platz in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate saw a little bit of sneaky stitching. Well, maybe not quite so sneaky considering how many people slowed down their city shuffle to watch.

Starring Knit the City, a very tall and very helpful passing giant, frogs, bears, snakes and sausages, KTC’s stalking entourage and the rather lovely people of Berlin; grab your popcorn, settle down in a comfy chair and witness…

Bobbing Bear-lin Luftballons: the Movie

The Bobbing Bear-lin Luftballons was yarnstormed in a rather chilly Pariser Platz by the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, in front of a scary amount of press and a lovely crowd, on March 5 2011 by Deadly KnitshadeShorn-a the Dead and Lady Loop. The square was yarnstormed to celebrate our brand-new book Knit the City, Knit the City –Maschenhaft Seltsames being released in Germany. Woo hoo!

You can see the story of the Bobbing Bear-lin Luftballons story here.

Huge thanks (as ever) to the fabulous folks at Alt Artist for stalking us all the way to Berlin and managing to hold the camera steady despite the cold. We salute you! (And possibly owe you some handknit gloves)