Permission to Yarnstorm: Handmade Heroes! The Knit the City Book Launch

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What’s that woolly wonder thundering through the sky towards Soho? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Holy handmade heroes! It’s the Knit the City Book Launch!!!

Somewhere in London’s sprawling metropolis lurks the lovely Gosh Comics. Gosh is home to all sorts of handdrawn heroes from your DC and Marvel megastars to the cheery comic characters we grew up with. Shelf upon shelf of them line the wondrous walls. (They’re still there for a while too! Go see them!)

So when the Knit Signal shone on the skies above Soho, the KTC Yarn Corps: Deadly Knitshade, Shorn-a the Dead, The Fastener and Lady Loop, leapt into the Knitmobile and faster than a stitched speeding bullet hotfooted it to Gosh. Our woolly weapons of choice were a handful of handmade heroes made to celebrate the launch of our brand new book, Knit the City: A Whodunnknit Set in London.

It's a sign!

It's a sign!

Plarchie the squid lures in puny human sushi from the window

How much is that Plarchie in the window?

How much is that Plarchie in the window?

The most important part of any book launch is, of course, the cakey goodness you get to scoff to celebrate. And, as revenge for all of the puny humans Plarchie has eaten since Deadly Knitshade first created the handknit monster, we were made a special Plarchie cake! Kudos to Susannah Northfield, cake-maker extraordinaire.

More graffiti knitted cake than you can shake a cable tie at

A kudos cookie from our lovely publishers, Summersdale

The horrfied giant squid suddenly realised he was entirely edible...

The horrified giant squid suddenly realised he was entirely edible...

The scene was set for handcrafted celebrations of the comicbook kind. Gosh filled to the brim with KTC’s stalkers, friends, family and an assembly of handmade heroes created just for the occassion.


In leapt the lovely Lady Loop launching a volley of fabulous crime-fighting females:

Golly gosh! It’s woolly Wonder Woman!

Woolly Wonder Woman in her invisible plane (obviously you can't see it)

By Eternia’s moon! It’s stitched She-ra: Princess of Purly Power!

Gosh is way more fun that Castle Greyskull



Landing on her feet the splendid Shorn-a the Dead released a purled person of PVC-clad purrfection.

Crikey! It’s crafty Cat Woman!

"I am crafty Cat Woman! Hear me roar!"

They hovered above the bookshelves alert for crime below.

Fibre-based crime fighting females hanging out



Darting from the darkness the dastardly Deadly Knitshade dashed onto the scene with her stitched-up comic celebrities.

Good grief! Squishy Snoopy in a celebration Snoopy dance!

Bring on the flying beagle!

Who needs music when your notes are knitted?

Kickass! It’s hardcore handmade Hit Girl!


Jøss! All the way from Moomin Valley we welcome a wool-based Little My.

Mischief maker among the books



Blasting through the city smog The fabulous Fastener flung out three feisty fibre crime-fighting fellas.

Holy handmade! It’s Batman, the crocheted Caped Crusader!

To the Knitmobile!

Faster than a speeding bullet! It’s handstitched Superman!

Ever alert for crochetd Kryptonite

With great purling power comes great responsibility. Will stitched Spiderman live up to the job?

Spidey was unsure if his spidey sense was tingling or he was just coming unravelled

Crochet unites marvel and DC. Awwwww.

We came, we yarnstormed, we disappeared into the night leaving only a our crafty calling cards

Purly paint escaped from the Tate

And a harmless infestation of blinkin’ bookworms.

(You can download the free Blinkin’ Bookworm pattern over on Deadly Knitshade’s Whodunnknit and celebrate where ever you are. Woo hoo!)

So many books. Such a little belly.

More Tate escapees


Holy handmade heroes! They’re still there!

For the first time in Knit the City’s history of yarnstorming our sneaky little knits will remain in place for a while so you can go and see them in all their fibrous finery.

Pop down to Gosh comics and see if you can find them all as they won’t be there for long (but please leave them where they are this time. We’ll release them into the wild later on).

Quick! Quick!

And if you missed the fun here’s a sneaky peek. Apologies in advance for the mindwipe we’ll have to enforce after watching…

YouTube Preview Image

Handmade Heroes! was yarnstormed at Gosh Comics in Soho, London on September 16 2011 by Deadly Knitshade, The Fastener, Lady Loop and Shorn-a the Dead in honour of our book launch for Knit the City: A Whodunnknit Set in London.

HUGE handmade heroes thanks every one of you who came along and filled Gosh Comics to bursting! We were amazed by the turn out. Also to Gosh Comics for letting us run wild with our wool, to Josh, Gary, Susannah (such cool cakes!), Sarah and Barnaby for making it all happen and putting all the pieces together, Zoe and Evie for their camera-wrangling genius and Danny and Dean for coming all the way from Summersdale Towers to join in. And confessional kudos to Emma P for her sneakery :).

We salute you all!

Soon to come:

The Fastener’s Handmade Heroes

Deadly Knitshade’s Crafty Comics Creations

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