Permission to Yarnstorm: Tate Britain Unexpected Artworks

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What happens when one of London’s most famous art museums invites two of London’s most infamous sneaky stitchers through the doors and lets them bring the yarnstorm with them?

Simple really. We took the art world and our world of woolly mischief and squished them together. Deadly Knitshade and The Fastener yarnstormed Tate Britain in arty style…

The Fastener conjured up colours from the Tate’s collection. All that painty potential squeezed into tiny tubes ready to break free and run riot on the canvas, patiently waiting to be dabbed onto the end of a brush and turned into art.

The Fastener’s Crochet Tubes of Tate Colour were a needle-made nod in the direction of some of the most famous paintings in the Tate’s collection:

Sunset scarlet squishy paint

The Scarlet Sunset by JMW Turner

Melancholy crocheted blue

Chatterton by Henry Wallis

Yarny yellow and black

Whamm! by Roy Lichtenstein

Purly paint at the Museum

And all three colours bloom in one of Tate Britain’s most famous paintings too (if only Ophelia has taken up graffiti knitting things might have ended more happily for her).

Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais

Deadly Knitshade had artists of her own in mind. Artists whose gallery was a little less usual than the hallowed halls of London’s art museums. The art of the spray can and stencil was about to get squishy.

As Picasso once said “The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal.” (a quote which Banksy then stole). Deadly Knitshade’s Stitched Street Art Salute pinched iconic images from street graffiti’s best known artists and turned them into woolly works of art.

Fibre flower

Michael de Feo's Flower

Michael de Feo's Flower (Image © Michael de Feo)

Handmade Invader

Invader on London's Park Street

Invader on London's Park Street

Stitched Stik

Stik somewhere in London (Image © Street Art London)

Squishy Banksy Rat Stencil

Banksy's London rat

 Tate Britain successfully stitched up. Mischief managed.

Unexpected Artworks at Tate Britain

Tate Britain Unexpected Artworks -  Graffiti Knits at Tate Brtain Late



Tate Britain Unexpected Artworks was yarnstormed at Tate Britian’s Tate Late event on  September 2 2011 by Deadly Knitshade and The Fastener.

Thanks in stitched spadeloads to Tate Britain (and the helpful and art-loving Aimee and Adrian) for inviting us to yarnstorm. It was an honour to be showcased amongst such amazing artists and we’re proud to have been able to bring the sneaky stitch to one of London’s loveliest museums.

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