Berlin: The lonesome tale of the Woolly Currywurst

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The last installment of our Berlin Book Launch: So far our book launch had included floating fairytale Brothers Grimm and ‘I heart Berlin’ bears, flying frog princes, and skybound riverside squid. All of them had enjoyed a bit of the book-launch limelight. It was almost time to pack up our yarn and go home.

But someone hadn’t had their fifteen minutes of fame, and that someone was a spicy stitched sausage.

Do you see him?

There he is

Shorn-a the Dead had created a Woolly Currywurst to bring to Berlin and in all the excitement he’d been overshadowed and left all alone.

For those not in the know the Currywurst is something of a star in Germany. It consists of a German pork sausage smothered in a ketchuppy sauce with curry powder on top, and over 800 million of the sausagey treats are sold every year. Even Wikipedia tells anyone who cares to look that “The currywurst is an icon of German popular culture.”

Our Woolly Currywurst clearly wasn’t getting the star sausage treatment he so richly deserved. It was a wrong that had to be righted.

First we took him to a real live fast food joint to see where many Currywurst were born.

The Currywurst admires the decor

Next we hooked him up with some hungry bespectacled Berlin tourists who he partied with for several hours.

Beer and Currywurst combo

Just a nibble

Hangin' with the Wurst

And you say these fries are edible?

I’m sorry to say things got a bit out of hand. At one point our Woolly Currywurst was seen dancing on the table, flinging fries and sauce with wild abandon. Lucky for us a stitched sausage only has so much energy. Eventually the party was over.

All partied out

Once we were recovered it was off outside for a brisk walk. Things, however, got a little hairy as a furry passerby fell for the Currywurst’s charms.

Autograph hunters, eh?

Then emotions ran high when we introduced him to his meaty brethren and spicy snack food family. There were tasty tears of reunion happiness. Awwwwwww.

Mother? Uncle Fritz?

And as the book launch adventure drew to a close there was only one place we could think of that was deserving of our celebrity Currywurst.

Almost there...

Through the sliding doors...

We finally arrived at Berlin’s famous Currywurst Museum! (We kid you not. Look!)

The staff inside were ever so welcoming to their brand-new woolly Wurst. They also hid the fact that they thought we were quite mad very well indeed.

Ha ha haaaaaa! The old 'pretend it's edible' gag never gets old

Our Woolly Currywurst might be smothered in spicy sauce but he’s nobody’s fool. He checked out the place to make sure it was fit for a king Currywurst.

Currywurst in a cup!

Stop the press! Spicy sausages in Beer Garden!

And at last he was satisfied. Here was where he would lay his woolly head (we’re not sure which end his head is but he seemed happy). We placed him under the Currywurst Ticker and said our goodbyes to a spicy sausage like no other. *dabs at eyes with napkin*

Home, sausagey, home

Auf Wiedersehen, Woolly Currywurst, and goodbye Berlin. We had the best German Book Launch ever.

Thanks for having us!

The Lonesome Tale of the Woolly Currywurst was played out in the sunny city of Berlin on March 7 2011 by Shorn-a the Dead (who knit both the sausage and the sauce and fries), with Deadly Knitshade and Lady Loop. The Currywurst was created to celebrate our brand-new book Knit the City –Maschenhaft Seltsames being released in Germany.

Small dog pic used with kind permission from MrHillMonster.

A huge woolly hug to Ulla, Susanne and the team in Berlin at our lovely publishers, Hoffmann und Campe, for making us so welcome in your wonderful city. We had a fantastic time and we plan to come back soon.

Apologies for taking so very long to blog it. I’ve been writing the UK version of Knit the City (amongst other things)! More on that very very soon…


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