Permission to yarnstorm: Kirby’s Epic Yarnstorm

Posted by on Feb 26, 2011 in Deadly Knitshade, London, Permission to Yarnstorm, Shorn-a the Dead, The Fastener, Yarnstorms | 7 comments


  1. Did you see you got a mention on The Register too?

  2. We liked your yarnstorm. Cute, happy and so soft :-)

    The Average Gamer

  3. Great work girrrls!!!

  4. This is amazing! I wish I could knit, so that I could do the same in Tel Aviv.

    I was just wondering – do you want people to “steal” your knitted creations? Or would you rather they stayed on the street? I must admit that if I saw one of these woolly creatures, I don’t think I would be able to resist its charm…

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