Yarnstorm on Screen: Handmade Herd

Posted by on Feb 22, 2011 in Deadly Knitshade, London, Movies, Shorn-a the Dead, The Fastener | 2 comments

The Handmade Herd has wended its way across London Bridge and disappeared into the labyrinth of London.

Still here? Want more? A last encore? Well, button those lips and slip behind this curtain.

Let the Magic Lantern of the sorceresses of Alt Artist show you the wonders of the Handmade Herd with Moving Pictures:


The Handmade Herd was yarnstormed on busy London Bridge on October 3 201o by Deadly Knitshade, The Fastener, Shorn-a the Dead and Guardian journalist Maggie Costa. The herd was yarnstormed in honour of Wool Week, an initiative to promote the woolly wonder of British wool.

For more on the Handmade Herd check out Yarnstorm the Twelfth: Handmade Herd


  1. Congratulations for the heard! It’s beautiful!