Yarnstorm the Thirteenth: Hubbub of Hearts

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Woolly love is in the air

Love. It’s squishy. It’s smooshy. It’s warm and cuddly. And today it’s made from wool.

In honour of the day of mushy love that is Valentine’s Day the Knit the City Yarn Corps brought a world of woolly yarnstorming love to the people of Piccadilly Circus.

A hubbub of hearts was wound around the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain in the beating, buzzing heart of our favourite city. There were huge squidgy engagement rings, beautifully buttoned declarations of adoration, an infamous appearance from a woolly Prince William and Kate Middleton, a wave at the Will and Kate obsessed world of the web, two little rather scantily dressed Gods fighting for your heart, and love, quite literally, in the air.

Loved up ladies and gents, get comfy and cuddly with our Hubbub of Hearts.

First up was a bit of buttony love from quick fingers of The Fastener:

Love and buttons

Buttony love

Pop the question with a smooshy engagement ring of bling

Next Shorn-a the Dead immortalised the latest Royal romance with a woolly Prince William and cuddly Kate Middleton dressed in their best for a night on the town.

Royal romance is in the air

"Will! Kate! Picture fer the papers! Over 'ere!"

Keeping it princely Lady Loop threw in a flurry of handmade Web Hearts, each of them lovingly embroidered with a link to the weirdest of Will and Kate on the web. Need to find beer inspired by Kate? Kate Clone? Snoop’s Song for Will’s Stag Do? The woolly Web Hearts know all there is to know.

A waterfall of woolly web hearts

Kate-inspired booze? Seriously?

And not forgetting a little London heartfelt history. Deadly Knitshade bared all with her two tiny Greek Gods, Eros and Anteros.

It’s Anteros (the suave god of ‘earthly love’) you can see at the top of the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain but sneaky cheeky Eros (the flirty god of ‘heavenly love’) takes all the credit. The boys are a bit bare so thank goodness for felt fig leaves.

Dodgy knitted deities baring all

Handmade and mooning. For shame!

Voila! The first part of our Hubbub of Heart was complete. *swoons*

Piccadilly gets a little love

The Hubbub of Hearts: Part One. Awwwwwwww.

Caaaaaaan you feeeeeeeel the loooooooooove toniiiiiiiiiiiiiight

Hang on. Where do you think you’re going? We’re not done. This wouldn’t be a Knit the City yarnstorm without us setting our sights a little higher. How much higher, you ask?

How does seven metres higher grab you?

Doesn't Eros look a little bit unloved up there?

Each of the Yarn Corps had handmade a heart to give to the city that we love to yarnstorm in. With a little bit of yarnstorming magic we gave our love to London for the whole city to see.

A gift for a God

Up and away: the Knit the City Heartstring

The Hubbub of Hearts is complete

Anteros (or Eros) and his handmade Heartstring

Mushy love-flavoured mischief managed

Happy Valentine’s Day lovely London!

Lots of yarn-scented love

Knit the City xxx


The Hubbub of Hearts was yarnstormed at London’s Piccadilly Circus on February 13 2011 by Deadly Knitshade, The Fastener, Lady Loop and Shorn-a the Dead. With a little help from Stringer, the 6-metre telescopic pole, and the cheering crowd when we managed to make it happen.


  1. Great work. Very impressive.

  2. How on earth did you get that string of hearts hung up on the bottom recurve of the bow??!!?

    • If you’re lucky we’ll blog a ‘making of’ post very soon. 🙂

  3. Absolutely brilliant. Never seen anything as daring or as charming in Piccadilly Circus. Well done all of you.

  4. WOW!!! You girrrls did a wonderful job on Eros – LOVEly : )

  5. brilliantly perfect x

  6. I especially love the hearts hanging off the bow and arrow!

  7. Hah. I KNEW that was Anteros and not Eros but my friends wouldn’t believe me. Thanks for the confirmation but more especially for the adventerous yarn frolics. Well done guys!

  8. Love you all more every time I see a new yarnstorm. Just when I think they couldn’t get any better……

    • Thanks!

      We’re proud to have you on our links list. We love what you do too. 🙂