Yarnstorm the Seventh: Gate of Ghouls

Posted by on Nov 3, 2009 in Deadly Knitshade, London, Shorn-a the Dead, The Fastener, Yarnstorms | 18 comments


  1. Love it…love it!

  2. Yay I love them! The big skeleton with the worm coming out of its eye is my favourite.

    • Thanks.

      The Skele was The Fastener’s work. Talented new girl. :)

      • ah thanks guys, it was so sad to leave them all and let them go onto their new life! We wish people would post pics of where they are now!

  3. Genius Ladies! Pure Genius!

    big shout out for the grim reaper man and rat! and loving those teeth too, inspired!

    Olympic organising committee take heed!

    Sarah x

    • Thanks, chick. :)

      We’re sure the Olympics will be in touch soon… 😛

    • I’m glad you liked DEATH and DEATH OF RATS :-)
      I agree…they totally rocked!

  4. Fabu! Love it…. brilliant keep it up great grim reaper rat…
    Hel x

  5. what a friendly club of halloweenies! i love most: the death-rat. because of its solemn look.

  6. Very very cool Making the world pretty one stitch at a time ttfn liquidwishes

  7. I’m scared!!!

  8. I think Terry Pratchett needs to see your Death of Rats.
    The only thing missing is a tiny little Susan, but this was truly inspired.

  9. Heah, what a special website you have. I found it on Bing while looking for some baby stuff. Thanks and God bless.

  10. Greetings from Wisconsin.. what wonderful stuff!!
    Keep up the great work of spreading delight art and whimsey in everyday people’s lives :)

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