Yarnstorm the Seventh: Gate of Ghouls

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Come closer, mortals, we wish to tell you a tale of tube-flavoured terror…

Knit the City have a special love for underground London. In our formative days each of us were beckoned into shady underground doorways by our mysterious hooded mentor. There we were relentlessly trained in ways of the yarnstorm while we spent our days and nights in Knit the City’s secret underground wool-lined bunker.

A lockpicking skelebones

This makes us all the more aware that sometimes, when the barrier between good and evil weakens on certain nights of the year, the evil and horror that lurks under London likes to creep out into the city and do unspeakable things to unsuspecting passers by.

We are stitch-struck wool-weaponed watchers of the London below your feet. We felt it was our duty to warn you. A stitched sign that something sinister sits in the city’s shadows.

Screwing up our courage, thowing in a handful of ghoulish ghost lights, and keeping our sharpened DPNs at the ready we yarnstormed one of London’s most haunted entrances to the underground – the rust-ravaged gateway to the empty echoes of abandoned Aldwych Station on The Strand.

Since the 1800s Aldwych has been a gallery, a chapel and a theatre. It is home to the soft sinister shimmer of many ghosts.

On this Halloween Night it was the setting for Knit the City’s Gate of Ghouls…


The Gate of Ghouls

WOOooOOOOoOO! Our Gate of Ghouls!


EEP! The crochet bone's connected to the...crochet bone...

GAH! Discworld-flavoured DEATH will unravel your souuuuuuuul!

WAH! The Northern Line Nasty sees you in the dark!

YIKES! The Black Rabbit, Cthulhu and the Slake Moth come for us all in the end...

AGH! Don't let the stitched skelebones tempt you in!

GAME OVER! A maze-guarding ghostie!

BLOURP! Bits of bodies without bodies!

SQUEAK! Death of Rats will have your hamster!

EEK! The Jubileevil Mousetroll will make cheese of your chin!

PLACK! Demons and antlers and teeth oh my!

ICK! Dripping troll blood will ruin anything dry-clean only!

PLUG! A message from the woolly underworld!

BLARGH! A ghost actress to break your legs!

RARGH! Abandon hope to the handmade horror all ye who enter the Gate of Ghouls.

RARGH! Abandon hope to the handmade horror all ye who enter the Gate of Ghouls.

SHRIEK! Such sinister stitchery!

MWA HA HAAAA! Knit the City's satanic stitching on the sunset Strand

Pay heed to the woolly warning of the Gate of Ghouls, good people of London. You never know what is looking up when you’re not looking down…

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  1. Love it…love it!

  2. Yay I love them! The big skeleton with the worm coming out of its eye is my favourite.

    • Thanks.

      The Skele was The Fastener’s work. Talented new girl. 🙂

      • ah thanks guys, it was so sad to leave them all and let them go onto their new life! We wish people would post pics of where they are now!

  3. Genius Ladies! Pure Genius!

    big shout out for the grim reaper man and rat! and loving those teeth too, inspired!

    Olympic organising committee take heed!

    Sarah x

    • Thanks, chick. 🙂

      We’re sure the Olympics will be in touch soon… 😛

    • I’m glad you liked DEATH and DEATH OF RATS 🙂
      I agree…they totally rocked!

  4. Fabu! Love it…. brilliant keep it up great grim reaper rat…
    Hel x

  5. what a friendly club of halloweenies! i love most: the death-rat. because of its solemn look.

  6. Very very cool Making the world pretty one stitch at a time ttfn liquidwishes

  7. I’m scared!!!

  8. I think Terry Pratchett needs to see your Death of Rats.
    The only thing missing is a tiny little Susan, but this was truly inspired.

  9. Heah, what a special website you have. I found it on Bing while looking for some baby stuff. Thanks and God bless.

  10. Greetings from Wisconsin.. what wonderful stuff!!
    Keep up the great work of spreading delight art and whimsey in everyday people’s lives 🙂