City Interventionists, apparently

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London in the summer is full of festivals. Not just the kind of festivals that see you up to your knees in fast-food flecked mud, quietly dreading the next time you have to brave the horror that is the campsite toilets, and subject to the sudden unexplained urge to get luminous dreadlocks smeared into your greasy unwashed hair. There are much less smelly festivals too. And Knit the City were invited to take part in one.

Spotlight sneaky stitcher: a nervous Deadly Knitshade on the panel

Spotlight sneaky stitcher: a nervous Deadly Knitshade on the panel

The British Film Institute teamed up with onedotzero for the Adventures in Motion weekend. Much to our ‘Eh? You’re asking us to do what?’ surprise we were asked to take part in their City Interventions debate. Joining us were Jason Bruges (whose studio are doing art installations for the 2012 Olympics) and James Powderly (who was impressively sweary and once graffited on Mars, the planet not the chocolate bar).

Alongside these two was a very nervous Deadly Knitshade, who presented what turned out to be a bit of a Knit the City Graffiti Knitting Manifesto.

Get yourself a nice cup of tea and possibly a bit of battenburg, make yourself comfy, and Deadly Knitshade will begin…


  1. That was excellent, and I LOVE that knitted rat nod to Banksy LOL!

  2. Lovely! I applaud your efforts! Makes me want to get off me granny arse and do a bit a yarnstorming in my town!

  3. What a lovely story! Well done – fab supporting pics too.