Yarnstorm the Fifth: Memorial of Melancholy

Posted by on Aug 20, 2009 in Deadly Knitshade, Lady Loop, London, Yarnstorms | 5 comments


  1. I went yesterday evening but did not see those? I share your sadness – it was such a great creation and would have been better left to be shared…

    I saw one of your woolen spiders attched to one of the Thames bridges though. The one just after the Hayward gallery? I took a picture, can email it if you wish.

    So maybe they weren’t so much stolen as transferred to another site…?

  2. It is sad when things pass, but this stuff makes me think of sand mandalas – beautiful, devoted & ephemeral. It all adds to the utter brilliance that is guerrilla knitting graffiti. I salute you and the yarns you spin.

  3. ..and to think, some of the city’s troubled youth may have spoiled it for others, but probably went home and took a little cuddly thing to bed. Aaaah.

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