Weaving the Web of Woe

Posted by on Aug 12, 2009 in Deadly Knitshade, How We Made, Knitting Ninja, Lady Loop, London, Shorn-a the Dead | 7 comments


  1. What a tunnel, what a web, but huummmmmmmm! what was that about the cider, YUM! Oh! back to the web of woe. IT ROCKED (past tense) . Could it be graffiti elitists felt it woefully challenged their domain in the tunnel, or some sneaky buggers who Lurved your work took off with it? Oh well, your fabu lark is documented for posterity and it sounds like you had a blast.


    I had fun reading about it.

    • Thanks! We had fun yarnstorming, and fun telling our tale. And fun drinking the cider too…

      It could be the spraycan graffiti-ists fell badly in love with the web beasts. We hope so. :)

  2. Brilliant, just brilliant.

  3. What an amazing piece of work! Bummer that it didn’t last :-(

  4. Superb piece of work! Shame you can’t put tracking devices on those little beasties to catch the little tealeaves! Can folks donate little creatures to you for use in future storms?

  5. You guys are ridiculously, bone-achingly cool. I loved reading about this, loved seeing the photos. I wish I was part of your posse.

    • Awwww shucks. Thanks very much. We’ve never been called bone-achingly cool before. :)

      Love your blog by the way. Baby-wrangler amuses us.

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