The Phonebox Cosy tale

Posted by on Jul 13, 2009 in Deadly Knitshade, How We Made, Knitting Ninja, Lady Loop, London, Shorn-a the Dead | 23 comments


  1. St Stephen’s Tower is looking a bit cold.

  2. That. Is. Awesome.

    I am going to knit the minster…

  3. Love it! Did you have to pay the ticket or is it just a warning?

    • It was just a warning. We promised to take the cosy home with us. They kept an eye to make sure we did.

  4. What absolute fun! Going off to share this in the Folksy forum now…

  5. brilliant – just brilliant.

  6. Love your telephone box :) You all did a fab job, can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  7. How could anyone object to such a vibrant way to decorate a phone box? It’s such a joyful project. If the police concern themselves with stuff like this, then clearly their priorities are all wrong! Love this knitting project. So much fun.

    • Thanks. :)

      Think the police have to ask. They were very nice about it though.

  8. this is fantastic!

  9. excellent work..
    subversive but within the law..
    I hope you wont mind if I blog this…full credits to everyone…

    • Of course we don’t mind. We love you guys! Blog away and send us a link! :)

  10. This is absolutely wonderful – and what a gorgeous phonebox cozy! I love the details, like the ladybird.

  11. I have a soft spot for London having spent my teen years in Wembley, so it is wonderful to read what you are up to back home and in one of my fave cities, and have I mentioned I LOVE this.

    ps. thanks for the tweet, that was sweet :)

  12. You peoples are my heroes! I have a re-kindled inspiration….

  13. GENIUS 😀

  14. I absolutely love the attention to detail on the door.

    this is taking the world by STORM!!!!


  15. “This Phonebox Cosy is dedicated to the memory of June. Whose yarn was nefariously used to knit most of it. We are assured she would have loved it, and probably joined in with the yarnstorm if she’d been there” … how proud am I – my gran “June” loved to knit and knowing something of hers could have caused so much attention would have thrilled her! Brilliant … well done.

    • Thanks for stopping by our blog to let us know. We’re so pleased to be able to do something she would have loved with her yarn. There was so much of it! Rest assured it will be used in many more sneaky yarnstorms. :)

      KTC x

  16. You people are, simply, THE BOMB. You make me proud to be a knitter!

  17. Hallo
    My name is Marita and I am doing a work at school, and I wondering if I can use a picture from you?
    It is one with the telefon booth (knitting grafitti)

    Tank you :)

    Marita Olsson

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