Attack of the solo yarnstorms

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Knit the City’s Yarn Corps don’t just sit around eating cake all day and idly passing the time between yarnstorms reading knitterature and sharpening our DPNS. Oh no.

We love the smell of guerrilla knitting in the morning. Hell, we love the smell of it any time of the day, but in the morning it smells like coffee and cashmerino.

We’ve been flexing our yarnstorming muscles all across the city (and sometimes out of the city, we like to roam) to build ourselves up for the next great yarnstorm which is coming very soon to a place jampacked full of tourists and prime territory for a bit of stitching outside the box.

Consider these the tremors before the yarnstorm hits…

The lovely Lady Loop hit Hay on Wye with her bit of knitty culture roaming through the countryside like lost sheep:

Silas, fetch me the rifle. There be one of those pesky yarnstormers.

Silas, fetch me the rifle. There be one of those pesky yarnstormers."

“Books smooks. Knitting is where it was at this weekend at the literary festival.”

Sticking to a literary theme the stealthy but sweary Bluestocking Stitcher yarnbombed her local house of book borrowing from the safety of the undergrowth.

The head librarian thought he heard something in the bushes...

The head librarian thought he heard something in the bushes...

“I yarnbombed Mildmay library almost two weeks ago. I’m secretly quite pleased that it’s still there and that I can see it from the bus window on the way to work.”

Not to be outdone by the daring of my fellow Yarn Corps I found my way into the belly of the Natural History Museum and yarnstormed before the disapproving gaze of the behemothic blue whale.

The whale disapproves from below...

The whale disapproves from below...

“My eyes fluttered open on the frowning whale. His glare wasn’t on me. My gaze travelled guiltily to a humble museum warning sign above the whale’s great head. My first public knitblast outside the comfort of my home.”

We’re sewing the woolly seeds for bigger things. Testing out our first tentative yarnstorms with tiny steps first. One small stitch for us, one giant yarnstorm for yarnkind.

Watch the streets of London, knitless mortals, there’s a yarnstorm brewing and it’s due to hit any day now…

*puts up umbrella and waits in the shadows*

Deadly Knitshade x


  1. I love this post and the way you have written about grafitti-ing the city with knitted, woolly goodness!

    • Hello felixbadanimal. You have the best internet name I have ever heard. 🙂