"Yarnstorming (also known as yarnbombing): the art of enhancing a public place or object with graffiti knitting"

(Or putting knitting on something unexpected in public and running always giggling wildly)


Operating from a secret underground wool-lined bunker in the heart of the busy metropolis of London, Knit the City’s Yarn Corps spend most of their lives operating under assumed names and living their lives like every day people.


Guerilla knitting or ‘yarnstorming’ is the art of conjuring up a piece of knitting or crochet, taking out out in the world, releasing it into the wild, and running away like a mad thing.


Frustrated to see we’re not battling society’s horrors by knitting jumpers for homeless baby penguins with tuberculosis? What’s the point of what we do, dammit?!

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Woolly Owools: Knit the City yarnstorms Ted Baker

The owools are coming! The owools are coming! Knit the City scattered a whole parliament of owls around Leeds and they didn’t give a hoot who knew it.

Blooming Brixton: yarnstorming South London

Spring! Hey, Spring? Where aaaaaaare yooooooooou? No matter how much we wave our fists at the grey and gloomy sky this year, Spring doesn’t seem to be visiting us any time soon. Knit the City’s Deadly Knitshade and The Fastener decided if Spring wasn’t going to come to London then we were just going to have to make our own Spring.

Half Sick of Stitching: Knit the City take over Tate Britain

On London’s lazy river lies an art museum known worldwide, That houses art of many...

Free workshop: Half Sick of Stitching at Tate Loud

Join Knit the City for our latest ‘Permission to Yarnstorm’ installation ‘Half Sick of Stitching’ at Tate Britain. For one day only we join the Punchdrunk Enrichment and a gaggle of amazing artists for the Tate Loud event on September 22nd from 12-5pm.

Free Weave a Woolly Web Workshop with Deadly Knitshade all day too. Exciting!

The Great British Button Biathlon

Challenging themselves, and the world of craft graffiti, today London’s Knit the City aim to continue in their quest to break graffiti craft expectations, achieve a new personal best and get away with a bit of graffiti in an area of London stuffed full of security. Eek!

A knitted Monster is released in London

A giant woolly knitted monster has been released in London and you have a whole month to find him. Meet Dial M for Monster, or Muncher for short.

Parliament Square Phone Box Cosy: The Revenge

There is one thing that Knit the City are definite about. It is our golden rule. We will NEVER do another Phone Box Cosy. No. We won’t! Nope. You can’t make us! Uh uh! NO! NO! NO!

Oh go on then…

Yarnstorm the Sixteenth: Stitched Street Art Show

What’s a typical graffiti yarnstorming day like for the ladies of the sneaky stitching Knit the City yarn corps? Now there’s a question. It involves sneaky stitching and the great outdoors, but without a plan this one was going to be interesting…

Yarnstorm Boot Camp bumped to October

Fancy joining Knit the City at the UK’s first ever yarstorming boot camp? Due to trouble involving radioactive sheep and an infestation of yarn zombies, KTC’s Yarnstorm Boot Camp has been moved to 19-21 October 2012. Woo hoo!

Learn to yarnstorm at Knit the City’s Yarnstorm Bootcamp

GRAFFITI KNITTING NEEDS YOU! For the first time ever you can join two of Knit the City’s most hardcore handmade heroes, dastardly Deadly Knitshade and fibre-flinging The Fastener for a weekend of woolly mischief on the wonderful Isle of Wight. Quick! There’s a limited number of Bootcamp places!

Permission to Yarnstorm: Tate Britain Unexpected Artworks

What happens when one of London’s most famous art museums invites two of...

Berlin: The lonesome tale of the Woolly Currywurst

The last installment of our Berlin Book Launch: So far our book launch had included...

Yarnstorm the Fifteenth: Tree of Tintenfisch

What’s a graffiti knitting book launch celebration without a swarm of skybound squid (or Tintenfisch as squid are called in Germany)?

Yarnstorm the Fourteenth: Bobbing Bear-lin Luftballons

Once upon a time there were four sneaky stitchers who lived in a secret wool-lined Bunker in the heart of the ancient city of London. There they knit and crocheted and made magic with their needles which they sent out into the world to seek its fortune.

Permission to yarnstorm: Kirby’s Epic Yarnstorm

When the world’s most famous computer game company loses one of their best-loved characters in a giant magic sock there are very few people who they can call for help. We were armed to the teeth with sharpened needles and were on our way…

Yarnstorm on Screen: Handmade Herd

The Handmade Herd has wended its way across London Bridge and disappeared into the labyrinth of London.

Still here? Want more? A last encore? Well, button those lips and slip behind this curtain.

Let the Magic Lantern of the sorceresses of Alt Artist show you the wonders of the Handmade Herd with Moving Pictures.

Yarnstorm the Twelfth: Handmade Herd

Ladies and Gentlemen! Ewes and Rams! Roll up! Roll up! Today, for one day only, those wool slinging wonders of the Knit the City Yarn Corps will be driving a Handmade Herd across London Bridge before your very eyes!

Yarnstorm the Thirteenth: Hubbub of Hearts

Love. It’s squishy. It’s smooshy. It’s warm and cuddly. And today it’s made from wool.

In honour of the day of mushy love that is Valentine’s Day the Knit the City Yarn Corps brought a world of woolly yarnstorming love to the people of Piccadilly Circus.

Permission to yarnstorm: Knit the City knit John Smedley

It was an unlikely match: one of Britain’s oldest knitwear designers (they’ve been making trendy knits for over 200 years) and one of London’s sneakiest stitching crews. But when John Smedley invited the Knit the City Yarn Corps to show a little of their history in graffiti knitted form we were wooed by just how much history they had.

Yarnstorm the Eleventh: Stitched Sealife Escapees

We interrupt this programme to bring you breaking news from London’s Natural History Museum. Reports are flooding in that four of the Museum’s inmates have broken out of their jars and are causing havoc throughout the building.